Landlords FAQS

At Keystar Management, there are no fees associated with taking on a new property or re-listing when there’s a change in tenants. Once we secure a rent-paying tenant for your property, our fee structure is straightforward: we charge 8% of the collected rent on a monthly basis. It’s important to note that this fee is contingent on rent collection. If, for any reason, the property is vacant or the tenant has not paid, the management fee is temporarily deferred. For property owners with multiple units, we are open to negotiating reduced rates.

We prioritize thorough background screenings as a critical part of our tenant selection process at Keystar Management. Our comprehensive checks encompass criminal and credit background investigations, identity verifications, and eviction scans for all applicants aged 18 or older who will be residing in your property. Additionally, we verify income and employment status and, when applicable, reach out to the applicant’s current landlord for a rental reference.

To ensure the security of your property, we require a minimum deposit of one month’s rent as a security deposit, along with any additional deposits for pets, if applicable. Rest assured that all security deposits are held in a trust account in strict adherence to North Carolina’s legal requirements.

Our approach to maintenance and repairs at Keystar Management is designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While we keep you informed about any maintenance needs at your property, you are not burdened with the task of scheduling repairs or seeking quotes. We take care of all these arrangements on your behalf. To keep costs reasonable, we do not maintain an in-house maintenance staff. Instead, we engage local licensed and insured.

vendors, including experts in plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and more. We maintain relationships with 2-3 vendors in each category, as well as several general handymen for miscellaneous repairs. Most of our vendors can provide estimates upon request. Moreover, we are more than willing to work with your preferred vendors if you have used them in the past.

Ensuring timely rent payments is a top priority for us at Keystar Management. We proactively remind tenants of their rent obligations by sending friendly rent reminders on the last day of each month, indicating that rent is due on the 1st and considered late if not received by the 5th. If, by the morning of the 6th, rent has not been received, we promptly contact the tenant to remind them of the late payment. We are flexible and understanding of emergencies, and we work with tenants whenever possible. However, if we do not receive communication from the tenant regarding rent payment, we initiate the eviction process on the 11th of the month. It’s worth noting that our eviction rate is impressively less than 1%.

When you hire a property manager, you’re essentially enlisting a multi-faceted professional who assumes numerous roles to safeguard your investment. Your property manager becomes your advisor, photographer, tour guide, negotiator, coordinator, 24-hour emergency contact, mediator, bookkeeper, problem solver, multitasker, and agent, all rolled into one. This decision offers several advantages.

Your property manager serves as a buffer, handling tenant interactions and addressing maintenance issues, thereby freeing you from the burden of dealing with unexpected problems. You won’t need to disrupt your daily routine for HVAC repairs, plumbing issues, or rent collection disputes. Essentially, your property manager removes the stress associated with property ownership.

As for Keystar Management, we take pride in ful lling all these roles with utmost dedication. Our mission is to secure tenants who will preserve the value and condition of your property. We incentivize on-time rent payments with monthly giveaways and view tenants as more than mere occupants. The Keystar Management team has many years of property management experience, successfully overseeing hundreds of units in the Triangle area. We continuously re ne our processes and business practices to deliver the highest level of service to both our property owner clients and tenants.