Our most common questions, answered below.

The easiest way to pay your security deposit and rent is through your Tenant Portal. You can setup one time and recurring payments by using your bank account information or can also use your credit or debit card. A convenience fee may apply.

To pay by mail, please mail payment to our Rent + Security Deposit Payment Address: Keystar Management 6531 Creedmoor Road Ste 204 Raleigh NC 27613 Please make sure your check is made payable to Keystar Management and that you include your name + property address on the check. We do not accept cash payments

Rent is due by the 1st of the month and considered late if received after midnight on the 5th. If rent is received after the 5th, you will incur a late fee equal to 5% of the monthly rent.


For non-emergency maintenance requests, please submit a request through your Tenant Portal. Please give us as much information as possible and if photos are applicable, please upload those as well. For emergency maintenance, please call us at (984) 289-5127 if after 5 pm and on holidays and weekends. For emergency maintenance issues, please call us at 919.675.1444 and dial extension 15 if after 5 pm and on holidays and weekends. Emergency maintenance requests include:

Water leaks and burst pipes
Please turn o water at main water shut o and then call Keystar Management.

Fire and/or smoke inside the property
Please leave home, call 911 then Keystar Management.

Gas odor/carbon monoxide detector alarming
Please leave home, call gas company then Keystar Management.

For high priority maintenance issues, please submit a request through your Tenant Portal and follow up with a call, text or email to your property manager. High priority maintenance requests include:

No heat if outside temperature is < 50 degrees
No air conditioning if outside temperature is > 85 degrees
No hot water
Refrigerator not cooling

We have 30 days from your lease end date to return your security deposit. In some cases, if there is a lot of damage, we may take up to 60 days to refund your deposit but we will send you an interim accounting statement within the first 30 days, showing you where we are and notifying you that we are extending the refund period by another 30 days.